About The Coffeecake Connection Company

Christine Welch

In 2011, I turned my passion for baking and my heart's desire to help others deepen their connections with the gift of food into a business: "The Coffeecake Connection Company."

Having spent over 30 years in Corporate America, I have seen how technology has changed both business and personal relationships.  In my corporate career, I personally experienced how my relationships changed when I would bring my coffee cakes to a meeting or send them across country to a colleague to say "Thank You" for helping me out. 

My company vision and mission statement are below.  Your voice will always matter, so please don't hesitate to contact us and share your thoughts. 

We know gifting is a choice - and we appreciate that you have chosen us. 


Christine Welch

Our Vision

The Coffeecake Connection Company focuses on creating an experience that deepens our customer’s connections with their family, friends and clients.

We always seek to go above and beyond our customers’ expectations by listening and responding to products and flavors they would like us to consider.

We seek out charities and causes that help individuals, communities and organizations either by directly donating or providing our products for fundraising efforts at the highest possible margins.

We provide a working environment where honesty, integrity, creativity and fun are promoted and encouraged.  Our employees are recognized and encouraged to be actively engaged in their jobs so that the company continues to grow and prosper.

The Coffeecake Connection Company is a company filled with passion for our customers, their experiences with our products and services is of the highest quality is our top priority.

Our Mission

Coffeecake Connection Company's focus and purpose is to provide a positive, lasting experience that deepens our customer's most important connections whether personal or professional.