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Why Gluten-Free and Ingredient Information

In 2014 we made the decision to bake all our cakes gluten-free.  Why?  Becaise after spending a year giving out samples of our gluten-free cakes, cookies and brownies 95% of our customers and chefs couldn't tell the difference.

Think about it, unless you have an allergy or are on a dietary restriction, you shouldn't miss your bleached or unbleached wheat flour, right?  Our cakes are baked with all natural ingredients - simple recipes like what you would bake from home.  So by creating the perfect gluten-free flour blend, we have created a delicous treat without the wheat, and bottom-line, it is better for you.  

We didn't move to gluten-free without doing our research.  The gluten that is in our food system today is not the gluten your grandmother or mother used when they baked.  That is why you are seeing such a signficant rise in gluten-allergies and intolerance.  Being gluten-free is not just for those suffering from celiac disease.

Our gluten-free products are baked in a certified gluten-free and nut free facility, using all natural ingredients to capture a fresh from the oven and homemade taste that you enjoyed before you learned you shouldn't eat wheat.  

Our coffee cake flour blend is:  White Rice, Sweet Rice, Tapioca, Soy and Xanthan Gum.  Our cookie and brownie flour blend consists of tapioca, sorghum.

Please note our products contain butter, buttermilk and eggs.  We are not dairy free.




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