Multiple Address Shipping Information & Form

Gifting should be easy

Our website was designed to be able to ship up to 100 different addresses with one purchase. 

However, we realize your time is precious.  If you haven't already built up your personal library of clients, family or friends in your personal profile, then we have created something really easy and simple for you to ship our coffee cakes to the people that matter most to you this holday (or any time of year).

Multiple Address Shipping Form

You want something fast and easy?  Download the multiple address shipping form.  Once completed, email to us at:  Upon receipt, we will contact you to review your order before we begin processing.

Please don't send your credit card information.  We will call and confirm your order and take your credit card information at that time.

Large Quantity Orders

If ordering 25 or more coffee cakes now or over the course of a year?  Contact us and let us put together an affordable gifting program that surpases your expectations in every way!

1-(888)-940-2253 ext.2 or email us: